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Site access problems

I've lost my password (or username)
Just enter the Contact section of this site. Fill in the data and write your subscription number. All other data will be sent to you via e-mail. Note that they are sent to the address you've entered during the subscription.

Problems with credit cards

Why have you declined my credit card?
We haven't. We don't process credit cards. All online payments are managed by billing companies. So it is the billing company who declined your card, not we are. If you want to know the reason they did that you could write to their support and ask them about it. Here is the list of online billing processors we currently use:

Please also note that we do complain to billing companies about customers, who have a "bad" subscription history: several refunds, chargebacks, etc. So if your card doesn't work anymore for subscription, this can be a result of your chargeback in the past


My only credit card is declined by billing. How could I subscribe the site?
First, you could try subscribing via check payment. Second, at almost every one of our sites, there is an alternative billing option - check the link at the bottom of a join page.


Problems with video

When I click on the link the Windows Media Player (or RealPlayer) does appear, then I've asked for password and/or the downloading process stops.
The easiest and the most reliable way to download the clip is to right-click on the link and then choose "Save Target As..." option. It is recommended that all downloading manager programs (like GetRight) are turned off. This way you even won't be prompted to enter the password again.


I've downloaded the video, but my player does not display anything.
As all video clips are compressed with different codecs, we recommend you to use Windows Media Player


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